Partnership promises powerful solution for wealth managers

Partnership promises powerful solution for wealth managers

Equisoft, in partnership with Refinitiv, has launched a web-based platform solution to help fund wholesalers enhance their value proposition to advisors.

The new platform solution, Equisoft/analyze for wholesalers powered by Refinitiv Lipper data, allows wholesalers to offer fund and portfolio analytic services. Aside from guided investment product positioning, the platform solution features guided comparisons for hypothetical analysis, as well as fund “look through” analysis. Analytics data, as well as benefits, are summarized in an in-depth proposal that can be shared with advisors.

“Refinitiv Lipper's data is trusted globally by asset management firms, so they are the ideal partner for our solution,” said Shawn Gillespie, business development manager at Equisoft. “Lipper's fact sheets, Leader Ratings and categories are powerful additions to our tool and will provide wholesalers with essential data to analyze current portfolios and make recommendations backed by robust analytics.”

The need for fund wholesalers to adopt a more service-based orientation, as well as demonstrate their worth as indispensable information resources, comes as technology, fee transparency, increased competition, and heightened customer expectations disrupt the wealth management industry.

“Lipper data is already used by most asset managers, but we are always looking for ways to deliver more value," said Robert Jenkins, global head of Research at Refinitiv Lipper. “Equisoft's solution is purpose-built for wholesalers, so now asset management firms can arm their sales force with an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that leverages the power of Lipper data to illustrate the value of their investment products."

“The Equisoft/Refinitiv Lipper partnered solution will put wholesalers in the advisors' spotlight and deliver what they need most to add even greater value for their clients: advanced portfolio design and solution positioning backed by industry-leading data,” Gillespie said.

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