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Tax Deductible Mortgage in Canada

Canada concludes productive G7, G20, IMF, and World Bank meetings

G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors discussed domestic and international economic responses to COVID-19 and reiterated the importance of continued financial support to economies and that support should not be withdrawn too quickly. They also noted the need to collaborate on approaches to digital payments and their shared resolve to combat the rising threat of ransomware attacks. Source

Top ESG marks for Manulife Investment Management

Staff | October 16, 2020 Manulife Investment Management Holdings (Canada) Inc. has been named to the Principles for Responsible Investment’s PRI leaders’ group 2020 in recognition of its ‘cutting edge’ practices in climate reporting, one of 36 signatories honoured this year. In its assessment, the PRI awarded Manulife Investment Management an A+ in the areas of strategy and governance, equity integration and sovereign, supranational and agency debt fixed-income integration. It was also given an A in real estate, equity active ownership and fixed income (corporate financial, corporate non-financial and securitized) and a B in infrastructure and private equity, two asset classes that were submitted for the...

News and tips about income tax in Canada

Why Aphria (TSX:APHA) Stock Fell 17.5% Yesterday

Shares of cannabis company Aphria (TSX:APHA)(NASDAQ:APHA) fell ... that hurt Aphria's net revenue was a 360% increase in excise taxes that stood at ... gain market share in Canada across product categories in Ontario, Alberta, ... Source

It's time to build a data strategy

Goodfellow says that different advisors will rely on different datasets to inform their success. Their objectives and unique business strategies will inform that set, but she says that every advisor should be looking at key efficiency and profitability metrics, both short and long-term, to measure their performance. One of the challenges with data is turning a wall of numbers into action items. While the whitepaper goes into greater detail on the subject, Goodfellow says advisors need to understand that everyday actions will move their results in the right direction. It can be useful, she says, to bring on a coach...

Why Japan should serve as a lesson for central banks

Marshall said the other driver of the recovery in risk assets has been the decline in real yields. For the seven-to-10 year bond, everywhere declined except Japan, a “disaster” because of how its restricted itself with negative interest rates. He said: “For a central bank that can't cut nominal rates any further, if real yields actually go positive, then it's effectively a tightening in monetary policy, which is the last thing that the Bank of Japan would want. “You can see that's one of the difficulties that central banks must confront if you have a long period of very low...

'The more you invest, the more you realise it's about making judgments'

She said: “Early in my career I thought it was primarily about math and perfecting my model. Sure, you need math, but the more you invest, the more you realise it’s about making judgments — about people and about the future. There are no facts about the future, so you have to try to look around corners. “Perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned is that a company’s management is essential to its ultimate success or failure. If you have a great company run by a poor CEO, the odds of that company turning into a good investment are low....

MFDA issues $850,000 fine, permanent ban for ex-dealing rep

“[T]he entire investment scheme was at best a total failure,” the MFDA said, citing submissions from staff that investigated the case. “The investors have no clue where the money had gone from the syndicated mortgage and the construction loan.” According to the MFDA, the general manager of the two corporations behind the scheme simply claimed that his corporations had no money to repay the interests and principals of the loans received. Evidence showed one husband and wife invested $100,000 in total, only to get back just $9,000 in interest payments. The MFDA said that Wai-Chiu Li earned or received at...

How to Retire When Money is Tight

Record contractions expected as second COVID-19 wave slams provinces

For now, the bank is assuming that the new lockdown measures enacted by provinces will be less harsh than the ones during the first wave. But it warned that if infection rates are not contained once more, those lockdowns could turn stricter and lead to economic contractions echoing those that occurred earlier this year. “On the other hand, quicker-than-anticipated advances with respect to COVID-19 vaccine or treatment development and distribution represent upside potential for economies the world over,” the report said. Initial evidence from jurisdictions such as Quebec and Ontario also suggests that assuming all things remain equal, severe lockdown...