Nothing is more romantic than talking about your finances

Valentines Day and MoneySince Valentine’s day is near I thought I would talk about what is running through the minds of everyone  trying to find that special gift to show their spouse how much they love them, “Do I have enough room on my credit card to buy that box of chocolates and flowers?” Financial trouble, and the stress that comes with them, are the leading causes of divorce. Nearly every marriage goes through money trouble, but is divorce the solution? I don't think so, if you and your spouse can get through all that debt and create a financial plan with agreed upon goals and work to reach them, the process will actually make your marriage better.

Talk dirty to me

Most couples rarely discuss their finances together or have the same feelings or philosophies about money. One might save every penny they find and has special coupon clipping kit while the other spends their paycheck before they get it and doesn’t worry about having enough at the end of the month.  You need to spot money problems early and attack them together to avoid disaster. Pointing fingers, name calling, and screaming at each other does nothing to eliminate financial stress.  Don't let your debt run your life; face it head on and take control of your finances.

You show me yours, I’ll show you mine

The first step is to sit down together and honest about the all debt you have, all the savings and investments you have and any other relevant financial information. You can’t create a successful financial plan if you withhold information from each other. The key is to work together on a realistic and reasonable budget based on the goals that have been set. Track your spending, and make your dollars go further by sticking to this budget once it is in place. You will have a step by step formula for figuring out where the most important place to utilize your money will be. You can then determine what expenses you can cut back on or hopefully eliminate.

I promise to respect you in the morning

Once you have a plan and goals in place the easy part is over.  The hard part is staying true to the budget you both agreed on and erasing the old spending habits with new ones. Of course there will be times when you stray of course however it’s important to review your budget regularly and hold each other accountable to sticking with the plan. If your goal is to buy a home or new car put a picture of your ideal home or car somewhere you can see it each day. Talk to each other to see how you are handling the new budget and the great feeling of being in control of you money and difference it will make in your financial futures.

Performance anxiety

If you are having trouble figuring out your finances and creating a budget don’t panic. There are lots of resources available and you can download a Family budget. template that I use. If you want professional help contact a financial advisor that works with families (like me 😉) and they can help you organize your finances and come up with a realistic financial plan.

Happy ending

It all comes down to communication and being honest with each other.  No more hiding credit card statements or ignoring your increasing debt load, take your heads out of the sand and come together to get back control. Take the time to really find out where you money goes, what financial goals you both have and come up with a plan that gets you ahead instead of falling behind.  It will lead to a better understanding of each other, a stronger relationship from working together and set an example for your children about teamwork and personal finances. If you have any questions or need help starting the discussion or making a budget and financial plan please feel free to contact me.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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