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Advice on minimizing taxes in your retirement

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How to do your taxes and beat procrastination

Why is getting motivated to do taxes so hard? It’s true—despite knowing we can avoid this stress by getting started earlier in the year, the majority of Canucks procrastinate hard on their tax returns....


How to draw money out of your corporation in retirement

From paying yourself a salary to drawing income Business owners typically pay themselves a salary during their working years. A salary is deducted from corporate business income, reducing corporate tax payable on that income....

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Is an RRSP loan a wise move?

Borrowing to invest in an RRSP is great for someone who has trouble saving money and it offers a form of a forced saving program, because it will encourage to use the tax refund to pay of the debt and continue

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Tips For Saving Money This Tax Season in Canada

Looking for tips to save money this tax season? Want to make sure you haven’t missed out on a tax credit? The Canada Revenue Agency has come out with some tips ahead of the...