What are segregated funds and why should you use them?

What are segregated funds

What are segregated funds and why should you use them?
Seg funds vs Mutual funds
Segregated funds are an annuity issued by an insurance company. They are  similar to a mutual fund except for the fact that they come with capital or  income guarantees as well as other substantial benefits. The term segregated  means the issuing company must keep the premiums separated from other funds they  are holding.
Like mutual funds “seg” funds have various fee options such as Deferred  Service Charges (Back End fees that usually decrease over time), Low load and  Front End Load fees. Typically the MERs (Management Expense Ratios) are slightly  higher than the equivalent mutual fund to cover the companies risk in offering  the guarantees. Some issuing companies also offer automatic re-balancing  services.

Some of the benefits of segregated funds

• Maturity benefit guarantees- At the maturity date of the contract a  specified percentage of the premium is guaranteed to the account holder. Usually  75-100%. In other words if the market plummets just before your maturity date  you will be guaranteed 75-100% of your premiums back even if the market value is  zero. This essentially limits your risk to 25% of your capital where as in a  mutual fund the risk is 100%.
• Death benefit guarantees- At the death of the account holder a specified  percentage of the premium is guaranteed to the beneficiary regardless of the  market value of the account, unless of course the market value is higher. This  would be a great advantage if you are using a leveraged strategy especially if  you chose the 100% death benefit option. Your entire loan would be covered  regardless of the market value of the account at the time. A definite advantage  from your beneficiaries point of view.
• You can name a beneficiary.
• Proceeds from a death claim are treated like an insurance policy. They  by-pass the estate and go directly to the named beneficiary there by side  stepping probate and estate fees. Since the proceeds go directly to the  beneficiary you have the advantage of increased privacy and control over your  estate.
• They have potential creditor protection.
• They now have an option of providing guaranteed income for life. This  feature can provide an income bonus if you defer the start date of your  retirement withdrawals. The withdrawal benefit can increase with age.
As with any portfolio you should diversify your assets through a range of  investments and products. I believe the estate planning benefits of segregated funds make them worthy of being an important part of your plan.
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